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Centre Board

The Board of the Centre for ECO² Vehicle Design consists of representatives from the main industrial and governmental partners as well as from KTH, both as adjunct as well as ordinary members.

The Centre for ECO² Vehicle Design Board maintains and develops the medium-long term strategy of the centre, commit resources and monitor the centre activities.

The members of the centre Board are:

Johan Stenson, Chairman Volvo Cars Research Director
Gunnar Björkman AB Volvo Senior Manager
Magnus Forsén Alstom Senior Director
Magnus Pettersson Scania Engineering Director
Tohmmy Bustad Trafikverket Senior Advisor
Jonas Jansson VTI Research Director
Anna Björklund KTH Professor
Ellen Bergseth KTH Associate Professor
Ciarán O'Reilly (Adjunct) KTH Associate Professor
Malte Rothhämel (Adjunct) KTH Assistant Professor
Romain Rumpler (Adjunct) KTH Associate Professor
Peter Göransson (Adjunct) KTH Professor
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