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Research methodology

The core of the scientific programme of the Centre is to identify and perform research within vehicle design, with the ECO² requirements acting as driving forces. In addition, the scientific programme is formed with a multidisciplinary and multivehicle perspective.

Special effort is given the process of identifying areas in vehicle design where conflicting requirements between two disciplines exist.

As a general rule, research projects organized through the Centre are multidisciplinary, addressing at least two scientific areas in addition to the ECO² aspects. The aim of each project is to fulfill the ECO² requirements while developing solutions for the projects technical or scientific issue.

A few Virtual Vehicles form an essential part of the scientific programme and are the tools for evaluation of the impact of the research results from the different projects. One Virtual Vehicle is defined for each vehicle class based on:

  • vehicle class dependent design criteria
  • 10 years horizon
  • anticipating ECO² compatible novel engines/motors being state-of-the-art in that horizon
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