Centre Coordination Group

The Centre Coordination Group (CCG) is vital in the generation of new needs-driven projects.

CCG is a key driver for the connected, interdependent and emergent research and innovation activities in the Centre, serving as the partners’ main connection point, and being responsible for the project generation process. It is instrumental in transferring and sharing research knowledge and results, combining them with product development and societal needs, as well as the cross-applicability of technologies between vehicle types, in order to initiate new research activities.

A notable feature of the CCG is that the larger partners nominate a Technology Managers (TM) and ECO Managers (EM) which contribute with their specialist knowledge to oversee the technology and economical-ecological issues respectively. The small and medium sized enterprises (SME) have one member in the CCG.

The members of the Centre Coordination Group are

*) SME = Small and Medium size Enterprise, ITRL = Integrated Transport Research Labs see also  www.itrl.kth.se

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