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Interview: Malte Rothhämel

Malte Rothhämel
Published Nov 01, 2020

The Centre has a new Assistant Principal. Malte Rothhämel took his PhD at KTH as an industrial PhD student at Scania, on the topic Steering Feel and Active Steering in Heavy Trucks. In August 2020 Malte Rothhämel became Assistant Professor for Vehicle System Technology at the KTH Vehicle Dynamics group

Hi Malte, and welcome to ECO2. How come that You are joining the centre?

Thanks! During my PhD studies I was already connected to ECO2 when working with active steering for heavy trucks. Later on I worked with braking and steering for autonomous vehicles at Volkswagen Global Research and Scania, always with the focus on heavy vehicles where the pressure for costs and environmental impact is quite high. For autonomous as for electric vehicles we always have to find the balance between what is technically possible, what is from the safety point of view necessary, what is the environmental impact and what does it cost. With my experience in this area I think that I can contribute to the centre.

2. What will be You main mission here at ECO2?

Since I have quite a good network within Scania and even Traton and Volkswagen, I hope to become one of the bridges to the industry. I have experienced the cultural differences between Germany and Sweden and in a similar way how industry and academia have cultural differences. Sometimes it happens that people talk the same language but do not understand each other anyway. I would like to contribute to this communication. Next to steering, I plan to dive into rolling resistance. I have some ideas and interdisciplinary contacts to infrastructure that I would like to establish. But right now I have to organise and sort out ideas to make some of them into projects.

Since August 2020 Malte Rothhämel is Assistant Professor for Vehicle System Technology at the Vehicle Dynamics group at KTH. He has studied mechanical engineering in Germany at the Technical Universities of Braunschweig and Dresden. In 2013 he took his PhD at KTH as a industrial PhD student at Scania on the topic Steering Feel and Active Steering in Heavy Trucks.

Read more about Malte Rothhämel here  (profile page) or contact him by e-mail: 

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