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  • ECO2 Spring Meetup 2022

    Published May 27, 2022

    Finally we had our Spring Meetup for the Centre after having to settle with the digital version! Thank’s Johan Wedin, MoveByBike Europe AB, Claudia Andruetto, ITRL – Integrated Transport Research Lab ...

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  • New Licentiate Thesis on rolling resistance

    Lisa Ydrefors
    Published May 16, 2022

    Lisa Ydrefors' new method could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks.

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  • Project presentations meetup!

    Participants at the project presentation meetup
    Published Apr 07, 2022

    Yesterday, April 6, we met for project presentations at ECO2 Vehicle Design. A total of 40 researchers and industry partners participated online and offline!

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  • Configuration, design and operation of autonomous modular vehicles

    Photo of Raphael Andreolli
    Published Feb 22, 2022

    The Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design has added a new collaboration project to the portfolio and got a new member of the research team, Raphael Andreolli, industrial PhD at Scania.

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  • Romain Rumpler in podcast on the changing soundscape during Stockholm Covid-lockdown

    Diagram from research and photo of Romain Rumpler
    Published Dec 17, 2021

    In September, ECO2-researcher Romain Rumpler was first out in a new series of episodes on how the COVID-19 lockdowns impacted urban soundscapes around the world, from the podcast "The Rest Is Just Noi...

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  • Proceedings of the rev2021 Conference now available

    Screenshot from file directory
    Published Dec 15, 2021

    rev2021 was the first edition of the international conference on Resource Efficient Vehicles, held online on 14-16 June 2021. rev2021 was organised by the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design at KTH Royal I...

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  • rev2021 conference ready to start, check the details!

    Published Jun 09, 2021
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  • Draft programme for rev2021

    Logo for rev2021 conference
    Published May 27, 2021
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  • Interview: Malte Rothhämel

    Malte Rothhämel
    Published Nov 01, 2020

    The Centre has a new Assistant Principal. Malte Rothhämel took his PhD at KTH as an industrial PhD student at Scania, on the topic Steering Feel and Active Steering in Heavy Trucks. In August 2020 Ma...

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  • rev2021

    Published Oct 23, 2020

    The Resource Efficient Vehicles conference – rev2021 – will be held online on the 14th to the 16th. Get informed and participate!

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  • Interview: Henrik Hvitfeldt

    Henrik Hvitfeldt
    Published Oct 09, 2020

    Henrik Hvitfeldt started as a research engineer at ECO2 in January 2020 and began his PhD-studies at the centre in May the same year. He has previously been working with motorsport, being part of deve...

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  • Interview: Eva Lundberg

    Eva Lundberg, ECO2 Vehicle Design
    Published Sep 23, 2020

    Eva Lundberg joined the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design when she started her PhD-studies in 2012, as a part time student at the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory for Sound and Vibration research, MWL. In 20...

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  • Robert Jonsson joins ECO2

    Robert Jonsson, research engineer at ECO2 Vehicle Design
    Published Sep 04, 2020

    The Centre has a new research engineer.

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  • Open position: Doctoral student

    Published Jun 22, 2020

    The Centre is now looking for a PhD candidate who will be studying subsystem dependencies during vehicle concept formulation.

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  • Open position: PostDoc

    Published Jun 05, 2020

    The Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design is now seeking a Post Doctor within the field of modelling transient cooling in vehicles.

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  • Interview: Sara Eliasson

    Published May 28, 2020

    Sara Eliasson is a second year industrial PhD student at the Centre ECO2 Vehicle Design, employed by Scania in Södertälje.

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  • Interview: Lisa Ydrefors

    Published May 13, 2020

    Lisa Ydrefors is a second year industrial PhD student at the Centre ECO2 Vehicle Design, and employed by VTI – The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

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  • Open position: Doctoral student

    Published Apr 08, 2020

    KTH is hiring a Doctoral student in functional modelling for vehicle conceptualisation. The project is part of the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design and involves industry collaboration.

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  • Vehicle Research and Technical Cost Modelling

    Published Mar 13, 2020

    Watch and listen to Mathilda Karlsson Hagnell at ECO2 speaking on cost modelling and efficient vehicle design. (Click for English subtitles).

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  • A word with Tohmmy Bustad

    Published Mar 06, 2020

    Bringing together industry, government and academia is an important task for the Centre. Tohmmy Bustad is a member of the board of ECO2 and a representative for the Swedish Transport Administration.

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